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51st Bull Sale - October 6, 2012 - Producers Auction - San Angelo, Texas

Nolan Ryan Pitches Beefmaster Line

American consumers love beef, and they want to purchase beef that fits their lifestyle and health needs. They want a beef product they can feel good about serving their family and friends. Nolan Ryan’s All Natural Tender Aged Beef was created with the consumer in mind.

Nolan Ryan offers a diverse line of premium-quality fresh and processed beef products that fit the customer's lifestyle and budget. Every product they sell is unconditionally guaranteed and meets a long list of production criteria that help us select only the best cattle and therefore eliminate opportunities for bad eating experiences.

The Lasaters are excited to be investors in this quality program.

Beefmasters Fit the Bill

Beefmaster cattle are a perfect fit for the requirements of the Nolan Ryan program. When Beefmaster sired calves are harvested, they are always at the top of the certification rates. Their naturally high ratio of muscle to bone and fat and their consistent tenderness makes them highly desirable. Producers who have become involved in the Nolan Ryan program by retaining ownership of their calves in one of our cooperating feedyards have gained tremendous knowledge of the carcass qualities of their cattle. Nolan Ryan is not concerned about the color of cattle’s hides. Instead they are looking for beef producers who do a great job of utilizing genetics that match their environment. When cattle perform well on the ranch, they will perform well in the Nolan Ryan Beef program.

Idea Behind Nolan Ryan Beef

Production of a high-quality All Natural Beef product requires a coordinated commitment to quality from every stage of the beef production chain. That commitment begins at the ranch with progressive consumer-driven beef producers who are working hard to produce a great branded beef product. Nolan Ryan’s All Natural Tender Aged Beef was founded on the notion that quality-driven cattle producers from throughout the U.S. can work together with quality-driven feedlot operators, quality-driven beef processors and quality retailers to satisfy American consumers with a product that is always tender, nutritious, and delicious!

Information is Key

Recently Nolan Ryan completed installation of the CDN system in cooperating feedyards. CattleDataNetwork is a state-of-the-art, comprehensive individual cattle management program. CDN allows feeders to manage information on individually identified cattle--from the time they enter the feedyard until they are harvested. Feedyard information and carcass data can be captured and made available to whoever owned the cattle at the time of harvest. This is true information feedback from the packer to the cow-calf sector.

Cow-calf production information can also be entered into the system so that end product carcass information can be related to ranch performance information on individual cattle for real-time evaluation of breeding decisions and management practices. Performance-minded producers who retain ownership of their cattle receive a complete analysis of the value of the product they are producing, including an accurate tenderness evaluation on every animal so that corrective breeding decisions can be made.

Currently there are six yards feeding cattle for NRTAB. All located in South and Central Texas, these licensed NRTAB feedyards offer various forms of partnership programs, as well as financing options for both cattle and feed. Grazing and growing programs are mainstays at all of our licensed feedyards so your options are greatly expanded. Pen size varies with each feedyard, and they all offer unique opportunities. So if you want to feed one or 1,000, we have a feedyard capable of handling your needs. If you are interested in participating, you need only contact one of these yards and indicate your interest in placing cattle in the Nolan Ryan Beef Program.

Business as usual is not the Nolan Ryan way. They are always looking for new and innovative methods to supply the best beef product to the customers. Nolan Ryan invites you to become a participant in an exciting branded beef program that lets you benefit from the eating quality you build into your cattle.

Nolan Ryan’s All Natural Tender Aged Beef is redefining the meaning of the word QUALITY!